We had casino night at work. I have no idea how to play casino games. Well, it’s more subtle than that. There are games in which I know the basic rules, like blackjack, in that I know you are supposed to get 21, or at least give it your best shot whilst getting more than the dealer. As far as strategy goes though, my mind is a void. This is pretty much the worst case of knowledge. I run the risk of thinking I know what I’m doing. Such circumstances make it a lot easier to stumble into trouble. There was one hand where I felt like my logical play was to hit, so I did, but given the deeper situation on the board, the custom was to stand (as I found out AFTER I hit). I won but screwed over like three other people because of the cascading affect of my taking a card I shouldn’t have. If I’d been in Las Vegas at the time I’d have woken up in a dumpster with no wallet, hair, or memory of the intervening hours.

Nevertheless I was playing blackjack and since it wasn’t real money the dealer was able to give us strategy tips. I got into a situation where I wasn’t sure what to do so he says, “According to Hoyle, you should take a card here.” So I took a card and naturally busted.

Today I am out to get this “Hoyle.”