Josh Wilson is a librarian/web developer/[josh put another real-sounding job here] but does some writing and such when he can be troubled. He has been published on McSweeney’s and a couple of other defunct blogs for humorous web content. He wrote a one-act play that was read at a drama festival and was cited for originality by the curators. Listen, it’s not much of a resume but it’s what I got.

At the moment I’m either at work or puttering around my house, or losing to my wife at Carcassonne, or talking to my pets as if I expect a response, or reading a forgotten sci-fi book, or cooking something delicious but bad for me, or watching sportsball on the televising device, or feeling smugly and falsely superior to you because the local craft beer I’m drinking is better than whatever you’ve got going on, or trying not to worry about Republicans destroying society.

I am stealing your furniture while you are reading this.

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