Amazon went out of their way to e-mail me this important product recommendation:


I didn’t even buy that bird guide from them. I just rated it because I am the kind of person that has opinions on bird field guides. (The Stokes guides are easily the best organized and have the best pictures, says me.) So…therefore I want a phone?

Here is a list of tweets I am not interested in.

  1. Tidbits from the conference you’re attending
  2. Anything about Conan O’Brien
  3. Retweets of any of the 4 million Hulk streams
  4. Real-time reactions to the TV show you’re watching*
  5. More than like three hashtag jokes in a row
  6. Your flight status

Thank you.

*Unless I am watching the same thing.  In which case, you should definitely tweet about it.

1. Do not examine USB drive.  Instead, guess a proper orientation and attempt to insert.  Note that USB will not insert during this step.

2. Assume original orientation was wrong.  Rotate 180 degrees.  Attempt to insert.  Note that USB will continue failing to insert.

3. Return to original orientation.  Attempt to insert.  This time, it will work.  Do not seek an explanation for this.

My apologies, four people who ever have or perhaps ever will comment on this blog: I’m getting a ridiculous number of spam comments so I’m modifying the comment settings a bit.  It’s supposed to post your comments immediately if you have ever commented before, but your comment may get held for moderation.  This should kill off spammers but be a slight unfriendliness to actual humans occasionally.

Hey also, I move into my new house Monday.  I’ll endeavor to share some pictures and generally keep you posted.