I was playing around with Isle of Tune (links play music, sort of):

Give ’em a thumbs up, won’t you?  That is, if they meet your rigorous standards for quality of music made by little cars driving past musical landmarks.  Or thumbs down if that’s how you feel.  It’s anonymous and I can take it.

This is a lot of fun to play with, but time consuming.  You also can’t exactly make a song like you want it, there is a very definite set of notes and effects and you’re constrained to three tracks that need to loop appropriately to keep things going.

There is a current NFL player with my name.  An enjoyable consequence is that sometimes he’ll make a big play and announcers scream my name excitedly!  Here is a collection of such highlights:

*From just yesterday! Josh Wilson returns an interception for a game-winning touchdown in overtime

*Al Michaels says it really enthusiastically.

*Back when he was with the Seahawks, picking on the lowly Rams.  Great finish for Josh Wilson.

*Holy smokes, Josh Wilson, 89 yards!  (And does not drop dead.)

*Dick Stockton calls it, then spends some time rifling through his notes figuring out who Josh Wilson is.

Sometimes internet memes are enjoyable, but for some reason on Facebook I find them very irritating.  One recent exception is that people were changing their profile picture to a celebrity doppelganger.  I normally feel like I have no celebrity doppelgangers.  The closest I can find is Matti Vanhanen, the Prime Minister of Finland.  This is him:

Matti Vanhanen

By reference, me:

I dunno. I guess so. Except he’s 20 years older.  And the leader of a notable European nation.  I am not, as yet.