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Existence, summarized in nine concise steps.

Watkins: a review, wherein I get to trash business school for a while.

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"'That's exactly it,' replied Don Quijote, 'that's just how beautifully I've worked it all out -- because for a knight errant to go crazy for good reason, how much is that worth? My idea is to become a lunatic for no reason at all, and to ask my lady, seeing what I do without cause, what she imagines I might do if I really had one? Anyway, I've got more than enough reason, considering how long I've kept myself away from my eternal Dulcinea del Toboso, for as you heard that shepherd, Ambrosio, tell us just the other day, when you're far away you feel, and you fear, all kinds of evils. And now, Sancho my friend, don't waste your time advising me to give up an imitation so unusual, so beautifully worked-out, and so utterly original. Mad is what I am, and mad is what I have to be until you return, bringing me the reply to a letter I plan to send, with you as its bearer, to my lady Dulcinea, and if my loyalty merits it, that reply will end my foolishness and my penitence, but if not, then I will be truly mad and, in those circumstances, will be aware of nothing.'" (Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quijote)

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