Music in 2017 That I Happened To Hear and Like

And now, for something of even less interest than Deep Space Nine recaps. What follows is a sampling of my musical interests, in the form of my favorite songs of 2017. I am not qualified to sum up the year in movies, because I watched like five, total. I am not qualified to sum up the year in news, because it was depressing as hell and I avoided what I could. Music, by comparison, is something I both like and feel good about. Should you, the reader, care at all about this? Well obviously no you should not, but consider this:

  • I am an avid music fan of discerning, well-rounded musical taste.
    • Though it is heavy on the shoegaze and electronic genres I frequent.
  • I can confidently declare that none of these songs are objectively bad.

That said,

  • I’m kind of old and absolutely out of touch with new pop music. This is no kind of attempt to capture the international, national, regional, or local zeitgeist. It doesn’t even capture the zietgeist of my house, which also features my wife, who is really good at music and is smart.
  • It is just a list of stuff that:
    • I liked
    • happened to be released in 2017
    • happened to be heard by me, also in 2017.

That is all. Thank you.

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